We have everything you need to create the perfect sleep environment

Sleep Mania is a premium bedding brand that offers luxurious comfort for a peaceful night's sleep. Our bedding is crafted from only the finest natural materials, ensuring that you sleep soundly, without any harmful chemicals. Our products are certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, which means that they have been tested and found to be free from harmful substances. We believe that everyone deserves a good night's sleep, and our bedding is designed to help you achieve that. Whether you're looking for soft, cozy sheets or a plush, supportive comforter, Sleep Mania has everything you need to create the perfect sleep environment. Shop with us today and start sleeping better!

Premium Satin Duvet Cover Sets

  • So soft

    A texture that's silky smooth and feels as soft as a cloud on your skin, ensuring a peaceful and restful night's sleep.

  • Sustainable

    Ethically made from cotton with a low environmental impact, woven into a luxurious 300 thread count weave.

  • Earth Friendly

    Certified by OEKO-TEX® to be free of harmful chemicals and more environmentally friendly.

  • Easy Iron

    With our ultra-soft sheets, wrinkles and creases disappear in just a matter of seconds.

  • Glossy look

    The "butter finishing" technology adds an extra glossy effect to the material, which elevates your bedroom style to another level

Our story

In 2017, my family and I started a new business in the bedding industry, focusing on providing high-quality and comfortable bedding products. With our dedication and hard work, we quickly built a reputation for offering excellent bedding options that satisfied our customers. As the years went by, we expanded our product line to cater to different preferences and budgets, and we continued to grow as a family company in the competitive bedding market. Despite the challenges of running a family business, we have remained true to our values and are proud to see our company thrive.

Sleep Mania™ CEO Giedrius

  • Fast Delivery Worldwide

    We ship all orders from our warehouse in northern Europe, express delivery is available with DHL Express

  • Handmade in EU

    By using craft production methods, we support traditional crafting communities and promote sustainable living practices.

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    Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help